Molex MX150 Automotive Connectors & More

Waytek carries Molex connectors in the MX150 and MX150L series for automotive, transportation and mobile equipment applications. Molex MX 150™ Sealed Connectors are designed primarily for thin-walled SAE automotive style wire and are used in recreational and industrial transportation wiring systems. Environmentally sealed and known for their superior performance under submersed water conditions, they are also a popular choice for marine, off-road, construction, and agricultural applications. Their all-in-one plug and receptacle housings with pre-assembled wire and connector seals ensure easy and efficient installation, and save you labor, time, and money.

MX 150L™ Sealed Connectors’ waterproof, environmentally sealed interconnection system is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. It also accommodates a wide range of SAE and UL insulated wire styles. Since each sealed connector housing comes pre-assembled with all components, no additional wire seals, wedge locks, or CPA locks are required. The easy to use and cost effective MX150L is not only ideal for automotive, marine, off-road, construction, and agricultural equipment but also suitable for truck, bus, and RV applications.

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